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Empowering the nautical industry to meet your total needs

Total Power Solutions stands as a prominent leader within the maritime sector, offering advanced solutions and unmatched proficiency in the realms of technology and innovation. With a diverse array of capabilities, we excel in areas encompassing design, field engineering, construction, supply, installation, testing, and commissioning. Our commitment extends to delivering cost-effective post-sales support services, catering to the needs of discerning clientele focused on quality.

Through the provision of superior marine services and supply solutions, we not only meet stringent quality, safety, and environmental prerequisites, but also exceed the expectations of those we serve. Our comprehensive suite of offerings spans marine, oil and gas, and industrial sectors, anticipating and fulfilling the unique requirements of each client.

Central to our ethos is an approach that places customers at the forefront. By tailoring and streamlining solutions, fostering the growth of our human capital, and driving innovation, we effectively realize our business objectives. It is our overarching ambition to establish ourselves as an essential and leading supplier and service provider for the maritime domain, cementing our position as a dependable and pivotal entity within the industry.

Products & Services

Our on-board and off-shore solutions

Our all-encompassing solutions ensuring smooth and efficient marine operations.

Communication and navigation

We pride ourselves in delivering top-of-the-line marine communication and navigation services.

Electrical and automation

Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient electrical and automation service tailored to meet the unique needs.

Radio survey

We offer comprehensive marine radio survey services ensuring your vessel's radio communication systems are fully compliant with regulations and operating at their best.

Magnetic compass adjustment

we offer precise and reliable marine magnetic compass adjustment services that ensure that your vessel's magnetic compass is accurately calibrated to provide accurate and dependable readings.

Safety- LSA/FFA and gas detection

We take pride in safeguarding marine operations with Expert solutions for Life-Saving Appliances, Fire-Fighting Equipment, and Gas Detection.

Instrumentation and calibration

We excel in precise Instrumentation and Calibration services, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your maritime operations


As experts in maritime connectivity, we offer seamless INMARSAT/VSAT solutions, keeping you connected wherever you sail.


We provide advanced VDR/SVDR Annual Performance Testing (APT) services, ensuring compliance and reliability for your maritime data recording needs.

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